Trillions & Counting

Trillions & Counting

Trillions & Counting, A Tampa based artist. Using donated boards and photo transfers he transforms skate boards into works of art. Always with a different theme or style of art he transfers. One of his most recognizable pieces he uses shreds of cash to either make his own design’s or decorate full boards.


The board’s are donated from the Skate Park Of Tampa. They come in any condition and all are used. All of the boards are broken from use. With these pieces he has many options, He could either combine two boards and make a mural. Or like in his new installation he screw’s board’s together to make chair’s or stool’s. Ranging in different styles and size’s.


One of his most eye catching pieces is his currency deck. A locally donated skate board is covered with american currency. This money is bought from the Federal reserve in shred form. Each shred is individually placed onto the board to cover it. Every one of these boards is more unique than the last.


How we see it, Trillions & Counting is one of the major artist here in the Tampa Bay. Be sure to catch him monthly  at the local Indie Flea market held at the Rialto theatre in our downtown. Always coming out with new pieces and doing local murals like at the Debonair District head quarter’s. Don’t sleep on this guy, seriously.

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