The Young Parisians

The Young Parisians

Without a doubt The Young Parisians are some of the hardest working people here in Tampa, Florida. While not putting themselves in a niche they have been able to cover a myriad of events and their own musical enterprises. Mike Mass, Beyobe and Drew Brown have put out multiple CD’s,  musical preformances and have toured around the united states.


Mike Mass, From the Bronx, New York. Co founder of the Young Parisians. has built a strong following over the years. His most recent acomplishment would have to be the Gasparilla music festival. Held every year in Tampa Bay for our Gasparilla pirate festival.Held every year in the Curtis Hixon waterfront park, Mike preformed in the atrium, Right at sunset. It was one of those moments where you just had to be there. Everything worked out perfectly for him in the end. His preformances was a combination of excitment, generosity, and explosiveness. HE and his musical partner Beyobe Just returned from a couple of New York tours. Where they did multiple shows, Radio broadcasts with Sway. From the looks of it, Mike Mass is on the rise to become one of Tampa’s finest MC’s.


Tyrone ‘Dibiase’ Beyobe, Co founder of the Young Parisians.  In my personal opinion has got to be one of the best producers here in the bay.I met this guy back in 2010 in community college. He has been music for much longer than that. With multiple CD’s of his own music he has also made music for some of the bays artist’s as well as nation wide artists. Hosting some of the best events, such as Wine and Rhyme. An event held at the local Anise Gastrobar. Hosting many local artist’s including Mike Mass and Drew Brown. A place where artist’s producer’s and other local celebrities. He also helps put together a local beat battle for other rising producer’s.


Drew Brown, Also known as Moowgli, One of the newest members of the Young Parisian’s. A bartender at Anise. Though he has been making music his whole life his career has just blossomed. With a CD in the works that is produced by Mike Mass and Beyobe shall surely blow everything out of Tampa’s bay. He was also on the Young Parisians tour to New York where he shot his first music video. He also went on the same Sway in the morning show, As well as being a part of many shows with Mike Mass.


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